Optimal Paid Search Account Structure

In paid search in Adwords it is all about relevancy. Google punishes you with low quality scores and therefore higher bids if you have too many or not well performing keywords in your campaings. But what is the best way of structuring your account? I don’t want to be to broad for the reasons above but I don’t want to be too divers either because that makes it more difficult to analyze. What apsects should I take into consideration if I set up a new account?

Industry – I always thought the industry has a deep influence on your account structure and the way you manage your keywords and adgroups. I am not sure anymore because the basic concept works pretty much in every industry. Imagine the account being a chest of drawers: There are different sizes of chests and different sizes of drawers but the important thing is that I fill in the drawers with the relevant elements. So it makes absolutely no sense if I put socks and trousers in one drawer. I can easily use two drawers. And if I have black socks and coloured socks I can put them in different drawers as well. And this concept applies basically in every industry. I don’t put New York and London in the same drawer, I don’t put health insurance and home insurance in the same drawer and I don’t put Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Vuillton in the same drawer.

Seasonality – Should I put seasonality in to consideration? Possibly. The search behaviour of someone who is at the very beginning of buying a product and the search behaviour of someone who already knows what he wants is diffrerent and so are the keywords. The tricky part of the seasonality aspect is not to get lost in the account. Let’s say I have a very divers product and by default I generate 30 campaigns. If I divide the campaigns by “intention to buy” and “information seeker” I already double my amount of campaigns but my relevancy as well as my conversion rate will definitively be different in keywords like “Canon” and “Canon 5d mark iii”. Clearly the second person is much further down the sales cycle.

Targets – My account structure depends on what languages I advertise and, what countries I am targeting, what devices I am for and what networks I run my ads in. As the search behaviour on each language, network and device is different, I should set up new campaigns for all different settings.

But hold on, now I only focussed on three different topics. Let us do the maths and calculate how many campaigns I would create, if I had 2 Products (A and B) with 2 different states in the buying process (“lead” and “hot lead”) and I target Search and Display (Placements) as well as Computer and Mobile in one country.

2 Products x 2 Buying Types x 2 Networks x 2 Devices = 16 campaigns

I would already generate 16 campaigns with this simple setup and we all know that this above is the real basic setup. Aditionally I only talk about three different topics whereas there are so many other things to take in consideration as well.

So after all I am not satisfied with the answer and I still don’t know what the best way is to set up my account. I will investigate, trial and error, and let you know. Meanwhile you are more than welcome to drop me your thoughts.


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